Custom Arduino QuadCopter: First Outdoor Test Flights

I've finally had some opportunities to do some outdoor testing, and this is the first such test with a GoPro camera attached. The quad is running on a stock Arduino Mega2560 board, along with some sensors and a digital transceiver. Details of the build are documented here and in previous posts.

This is the first recorded outdoor test-flight, and it goes pretty well at first with some easy flying. I end up trying to do spins and flying around while forgetting to switch from MAG to HeadFree mode, so lose control at the end.

The ESCs are not sealed well from moisture, so needed to be dried out after the snow landing.

The following video is from a 30,000sq ft indoor fly event hosted by Regina Micro-Flyers at the CU EventPlex April 7, 2013:

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