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Jan - 2017

So I've been harassed in my home for the past 2.5 years, ever since being forced out of Sasktel (Saskatchewan telecommunications) after dealing with a huge amount of abusive behavior. Management identified and targeted me from day one of my employment, in the end refusing and working to directly interfere with medical treatment. I now strongly suspect that a number of high level people working at SaskTel are involved in human trafficking, drugging people, including children, and using known psychological methods in targeted ways to control and manipulate people. It is beyond all doubt that there are a large number of historical and ongoing human rights abuses within SaskTel.
SaskTel, Great West Life, Unifor, and Gerrand-Rath-Johnson have worked very, very hard together to prevent me from talking about this because of medical problems, along with what I know and have seen. Unfortunately, this is all standard procedure when employees suffer from illnesses.

For the SaskTel insiders, my manager was Paul Kaminski, director was Anupam Khazanchi with the CIO, Mr John Hill. calling the shots. Anupam spoke openly about drugging his child with illegally obtained narcotics while travelling overseas. It just so happens that Paul did not have a home, and is one of the most abusive people I have ever met. Many employees were fearful of even speaking to Paul. He lived out of an RV, traveled regularly to Phoenix Arizona and has a long history of abuse and anger management issues at SaskTel. I played my part in building a new team and developing/implementing/executing proper ITIL Crisis & Problem Management processes. Paul had previously attempted and failed to achieve this.

The executives and upper management had been fighting among themselves for a few years, due to a power struggle, and the harassing behavior was a very difficult problem for many employees. This in-fighting directly represents the shallow and fragile egos of the typical sociopaths/psychopaths who are placed in these positions.

The Unifor Local 1S VP,  Claudine Stom and others called me numerous times at home to scream at me, attempting to coerce me into committing fraud. Unifor officials advised me from the very beginning that I should not get another job and get back to work. Despite their fraudulent representation of me and insistence on committing fraud, I was working part-time and their representation of me is a clear and cut case of fraud. There is overwhelming evidence of this. Susan Saunders (National Rep) directly threatened SaskTel union representatives regarding making any contact with me.

The union also refused to support me when SaskTel filed a lawsuit against me, although it is their mandate to prevent that from taking place.


I have no choice but to stop all development, and have withdrawn all interest in all technology, systems, etc. due to the ongoing harassment and abuse. 

Please direct all inquiries somewhere else.
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